Why We Do It

45% of inquiries will buy from someone within 12 months.

The majority of these prospects buy 6-12 months after their initial inquiry.

Without constant contact, you're essentially directing profits into the hands of your competitors. Lead nurturing is a must for consistent revenue growth. The question is - who should do this?

Your Marketing Staff?

The role of marketing is strategic, not tactical. Their job is creating and conveying your company's image and message to the outside world. They generate the inquiries for your company, but aren't built to do consistent follow up for months.

Your Sales Executives?

Sales executives receiving lukewarm leads dumped on them by marketing is nothing more than an irritation. Yes, some sales execs are capable of qualifying and nurturing leads but let's be honest - the motivation isn't there. They see their cardinal role as closers of new business. Sales execs will naturally focus on opportunities that are ready to purchase now, not 6 months from now.

Our Sales Development Team.

 B2B Dynamix does nothing but the work your marketing team isn't equipped to do and your sales team doesn't want to do - contacting, nurturing, and qualifying leads.


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