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Mike Phillips, Co-FounderMike_Head_shot.jpg

Mike has worked for over 25 years in various Sales Management roles. His experience ranges from boosting revenue at small start ups to directing sales and marketing for the Americas at Rockwell Automation. Realizing a disconnect between traditional sales and prospecting, Mike started B2B Dynamix in 2009 to bridge that gap for his clients.  


"There's nothing worse than a project that isn't going well and nothing more uplifting to our customers and team than exceeding expectations on engagements. Even in the sales process, if there's any indication that something isn't a great fit, we back off and recommend another service provider. There's really no point engaging unless we're 100% confident we can do a great job."


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Cate Phillips, Co-Founder


Cate started her first company at the age of 23. She was recruited soon after, holding high level positions in Sales and Marketing for seven years. She started B2B Dynamix with her father to focus on what she does best - the art of cold calling. 


"Life is too flippin' short not to do something you love every day. As strange as it sounds, the truth is that I love cold calling, selling and talking to people. People can sense that when I call them. The other truth on this matter is that no one wants to talk to someone that sounds like they aren't enjoying themselves. Since I know what it's like to love to talk to people, even on a cold call, I ensure that all of our people are like me in this way. They have to thrive on the challenge of cold calling and love asking people questions. The improvement comes naturally. When you are truly passionate about something, it's impossible to not want to always get better and better at it."


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