What We Do

Bridging the Gap Between Marketing & Sales

You've got a marketing team generating a high volume of leads every month. Your sales team are masters at closing new business. It appears you have the winning combination, so why aren't you winning more clients?

You're one team short of revenue generating perfection, that's why. 

Our Sales Development Team turns your marketing generated leads into real sales opportunities for your account executives. We're experts at contacting and nurturing leads until they're truly qualified and ready to buy.

Better leads from your marketing team. More leads closed by your sales team. Increased revenue for your business.


Targeted Account Development

 In a perfect scenario, your ideal clients come looking for you. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. When you know you want their business but they don't know you even exist, we can change that. We already have for many of our clients.

Our Sales Development Team are experts at navigating complex organizations to reach the right executives.

Inbound marketing is all the rage, but it has it's limits. Sometimes you need to go old school to get what you want - pick up the phone and cold call - and nobody does cold calling better than us. 


In-Depth Market Research Interviews

It's hard to know where you should go if you don't truly understand where you've been. Whether your needs are VOC research, content creation, buyer persona developement, a new product launch, or targeting untapped markets, qualitative interviewing is the best way to understand the motivations, goals, and objections of potential customers.

We interview your past and current clients, lost opportunities, and your sales staff to provide your company with value-driven data. Research this critical can't be done with simplistic surveys and cookie-cutter questionnaires. 

B2B Dynamix has nearly a decade of experience doing market research interviews. Our background is rooted in sales, not traditional marketing, and our research reflects this. Our focus is discovering usable insights that drive revenue improvement, as well as collecting data that drives marketing strategy.


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