How We Do It



Our sales development team doesn't work on behalf of your company as some partially invested, third party representative. Think of us as another member of your team, just one you don't have to invite to the holiday party. We only succeed through seamless integration with your existing marketing and sales staff. Here's some examples of how we do it:

  • Interviewing your existing clients to better understand your product/service and define value propositions that will resonate with prospects.

  • Fully developed conversation guides and voice mail and email scripts aligned with your current marketing efforts

  • Weekly updates with your team


The Best Technology

Our custom phone system allows us to do our work better than anyone out there, including you. More calls per hour, more conversations, consistently perfect voice mails, and caller ID that displays your company's name.

Work within a CRM system you think we can't handle? Try us - we are CRM masters. From the beautifully streamlined to the most clunky and illogical systems, we've used them all. We can provide our own CRM as well - the choice is yours.


The Right People

Our success hinges on the personality and skill set of our staff. Our partners rely on us to understand their often complex services/products and convey its benefits to potential customers. Tactfully tenacious, research and detailed-orientated hunters with a good sense of humor are the only people we hire.