Engineering Firm Seeks Larger U.S. Presence

A global mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering firm specializing in design of airports, clean rooms, data centers, and complex real estate projects wants to expand their penetration of the U.S. market. 

5 Years of B2B Dynamix Sales Development


6.9 Qualified Appointments Per Month 

The firm possessed a strong, experienced sales team that close deals effectively. They also had a database of target contacts: principals of large architectural firms that specialize in non-residential development. 

The challenge?  Many of these architectural firms already have long-standing relationships in place with engineering consultants.

We used Voice of Customer analysis and Client data to develop a complete Prospecting Program.  We launched our program in 2012, provided 10 hours per week of sales development, and delivered an average of 6.9 qualified appointments per month for 5 years.


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