The New Enigma & Necessity in B2B Sales: Sales Development Reps

Posted by Alexia Stath on Sat, Aug 12, 2017 @ 09:22 PM

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While spending a good chunk of my day reading through the plethora of B2B business development articles on the web, I noticed a recurring theme of confusion over how the modern sales process should function and more specifically, the definition and role of a Sales Development Representative (SDR) within that process. I found only two traits most people agree on :

  • SDR's work is done remotely, i.e. over the phone and email.
  • SDR's are NOT telemarketers.

Defining what an SDR does any further and the consensus is that there is no consensus. Peace talks seem to break down mainly over the scope of the job. Exactly how much of the sales process should be performed by Sales Development Reps? Is there a simple definition that sums this up?

The New Enigma & Necessity in B2B Sales: The Sales Development Rep

Yes. An SDR is the charming wingman that gets hot dates for their account executives. Okay, so it might not make it into the Oxford dictionary and its simplicity is questionable. Nonetheless, it works.

The 3 Jobs of an SDR Wingman

  1. Finding the right people – while sometimes the magic of marketing does this for you, there’s still a lot of proverbial fish in the sea you’ll be missing if you don’t do some swimming on your own.

  2. Figuring out if you want them – outside sales could end up with a serial killer instead of a soulmate if you don’t fully qualify your prospects.

  3. Making them want your company  – use your magic to get them on a formal first date. Leave the marriage talk for later.

If you want a more in depth understanding of a day in the life of an SDR, this article is an excellent example.

Think your company works fine without a dedicated sales development team? There's no shortage of statistical studies all leading to the same conclusion: lead conversion and close ratios drastically increase when companies use SDR's to bridge the gap between marketing and sales.


The Necessity of an SDR:  Click here for the theory behind the data


Disagree? Have a better definition? Leave us a comment, we love debating!

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