How to Stop Sabotaging Your B2B Prospecting Efforts

Posted by Alexia Stath on Wed, Aug 02, 2017 @ 11:13 AM

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Cold calling yields one of two possibilities – a conversation or a voice mail. Ideally the call will result in the former, allowing you the opportunity to dazzle the prospect with your brilliant and infallible sales pitch. The latter option? You leave a nice little message but think, “I’ll really wow them when I eventually catch them." 

The problem with this logic is that the overwhelming majority of your cold calls end in a voice mail. A large chunk of your B2B prospecting effort is wasted if you only apply quality scripts to the conversations. Putting just as much effort into carefully crafting cold calling voice mails will result in more opportunities for you….and less boredom and annoyance for the prospect.

How to Stop Sabotaging Your B2B Prospecting Efforts

Helpful tips to make you lovable (or at least tolerable)

  • Self-awareness = cold calling enlightenment. - The moment just after the “beep” and right before you begin to speak, you are nothing more than a nuisance. Your product might be the greatest solution for that prospect but as far as they know, you’re trying to sell them lingerie hazmat suits. Accept this and craft your voice mail with that knowledge in mind.
  • Creativity isn’t just for starving artists. – It seems that most prospectors believe all sales voice mails should be the most dreadfully mediocre swill in order to be deemed business appropriate. Have the guts to break free from this delusion. Nobody is itching to call back the boring guy.

  • Everybody likes to laugh. Even jerks. – Okay, so really huge jerks might hate laughter, but who wants that guy as a client? He’s probably pushing toddlers down for sport and asking for world wars at Christmas time. Giving all the other prospects a good chuckle in the middle of their stressful work day means they’ll remember you. Some will even call you back.

  • Hey Tommy Two Times, stop repeating yourself! – If you keep saying essentially the same pitch over and over again, you might as well hold the phone up to some white noise because that’s what you’ve become. Variation is key. Every voice mail you leave should be completely original.

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